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Total Tooth Replacement

Say goodbye to the problems of full mouth dentures forever - problems like food getting caught between your dentures and your gums.

Depending on the treatment, it is possible you will never again need to take out your teeth and leave them in a glass beside the bed.

Total tooth replacement implants provide patients with naturally appearing teeth that function in the same manner as natural teeth.

Because total tooth replacement involves a patient’s whole mouth great care is taken with diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The implant needs to be tailored to the individual patient’s mouth, and recommendations are made on a case by case basis.

  The process is similar but more involved than single and multiple tooth replacements particularly in the initial diagnosis and recommendation phase.

  1. Diagnosis and recommendations.  A diagnostic wax-up is also performed and the total procedure may take several consultations to establish a definite plan for the outcomes of the final treatment. In the planning phase we take impressions, photos, and X-Rays. We then design the ideal result and test it in situ. This allows both surgeon and patient to see the end result and allows for changes, where needed, to ensure we get an optimum result. We look at the total picture: the shape of your face, the way you speak, the fullness of your lips and the way you smile achieve the best result.
  2. Implant placement which may include grafting.
  3. Temporary restoration. Generally, if clinical circumstances allow, the temporary restoration is given immediately or within a few days.
  4. Time for healing – generally four to six months.  Additional consultations may be required, depending on the individual circumstances, during this time.
  5. Placement of the final tooth restoration.
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