Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth replacements allow patients to say goodbye to bridges and dentures.

This treatment applies to patients who have many of their own healthy teeth but have more than one tooth missing or have a series of adjoining teeth missing. You may have had your front teeth knocked out in an accident or lost your back teeth through dental disease.

The new teeth are placed on a series of implants. The number of implants is not dependent on the number of teeth being replaced, as sometimes one implant can support more than one tooth.

Multiple tooth replacements can restore chewing function or aesthetics in areas that previously could only be treated with removable dentures. They are also better than bridges in restoring long spans.

Again treatment involves a four stage process:
  1. Diagnosis and recommendation.
  2. Implant placement which may involve grafting.
  3. Time for healing – generally four to six months.
  4. Temporary restoration
  5. Placement of the final tooth restoration.
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