16 Nov 16 - 09:45 AM

Hot Tips for a Hot Smile

You don’t have to look hard to see how many people, in 2016, have that perfect smile.

Everywhere at the beach, in your shopping centre, at the theatre or on the sidelines at school sporting activities, happy people with perfect smiles are like magnets drawing others to them.

Have they been born with better teeth?  Very rarely, these perfect smiles are a result of people investing in their teeth and investing in their happiness.

The best cosmetic dentistry is helping people achieve their dreams and it is surprising how many people are using cosmetic dentistry procedures are doing it.  You might wonder what is different about “Lisa” next door or “Sarah” at the tennis club, chances are they are having a cosmetic dentistry procedure to enhance their smile.

Thirty years ago cosmetic dentistry virtually didn’t exist, fewer than 10% of patients had any form of what we now regard as cosmetic dental procedures done.  A dental crown was applied to fix a broken tooth not to enhance your smile.

Now around sixty percent of patients who approach a dentist for the first time are looking for some form of cosmetic dental procedure to enhance their appearance.

One of the most sought after procedure types is the use of invisible braces and aligners.  The most common of which are Invisalign braces.

Certainly Invisalign is just about the hottest thing in smile correction procedures at the moment.


Do you remember those old metal braces?  They provided a good result when the treatment was completed, but the look and the fuss during the treatment was not particularly patient friendly.

Invisalign, however, does away with all the metal and brackets.  The structure is clear, tailor-made for your teeth, mouth and jaws and is easily removed for cleaning and comfort.

Your cosmetic dentist will tell you if Invisalign is the right treatment for your needs.

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