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Why I should consider a dental implant

The simple fact is that for the right patient dental implant surgery conducted by a well trained and experienced dental implant surgeon will provide the best and longest lasting result.


Dental implant surgery is generally conducted where the patient has lost one or more of their teeth or because a tooth is so diseased that it requires removal.

Loss of a tooth or teeth creates a gap affects the alignment of all your teeth and it can also lead to bone loss.  These conditions can create a gap in your smile and affect functional performance in, for example, chewing.

Because a missing tooth can change the way you smile as a result of the gap and any subsequent bone loss or shrinkage the shape of your face can also change.  That change can, in many cases, cause a prematurely aged look.

This is where a dental implant generally provides the best solution.

People choose dental implants for a variety of reasons, primarily:
  • Strength and stability when compared to other forms of treatment.
  • Longevity, with simple proper care a dental implant will typically outlast other forms of dental treatment.
  • It replaces, as close to naturally as possible, missing teeth.
  • It maintains and restores bone and bone structure.
  • It maintains your facial look and prevents premature ageing.
  • It restores your youthful, natural smile.
  • They are simple to care for, you can maintain your normal dental hygiene regime. Dental implants are not like the stars – they don’t come out at night.
  • Dental implants protect your healthy teeth because they are attached to your jaw and don’t rely on other healthy teeth for support.
  • A dental implant allows you to speak freely and naturally without the effect that dentures can have on pronunciation and speech patterns.
  • Eat what you want when you want with confidence and without the discomfort that can be felt with dentures.
All of which gives you the confidence to go out and live life to the full and to keep smiling.

Is dental implant surgery right for me?

If you are considering surgical dental implants a dental implant surgeon will be able to guide you on the right dental implant for your needs.  You will be advised dental implant options and the right dental implant device for your needs.

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Being fully informed makes you fully empowered to make the right decision.

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