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What is a Mini Dental Implant?

There is no doubt that mini dental implants are becoming vogue among Dental Implant Surgeons and patients alike.

You simply have to Google Dental Implants Sydney or Dental Implant Surgeons Sydney to see for yourself.  

At Southside Implant Centre we put patients first and we pride ourselves on providing the best, most effective dental implant solutions for all patients and frankly we have a number of reservations about mini dental implants.

Firstly, what are mini dental implants?

Mini Dental Implants are also commonly known as MDIs.  Mini dental implants are intended to work on an identical basis to more traditional implant techniques.  They are generally offered as a simpler and cheaper alternative to traditional dental implants.

Mini implants are narrower than traditional implants (3mm or less in diameter) and most often used for patients who require stabilisation of lower jaw dentures.

Secondly, why do we have reservations about mini dental implants?

  1. Mini implants are approximately half the width of their traditional dental implants. While this is an advantage in that grafting can be avoided, mini dental implants are substantially weaker than more traditional dental implants and can be prone to break.
  2. Because of their smaller size, they can also bend and fatigue over time, which causes failure.  As a comparison mini implants have a failure rate reported in the literature of 6-13%, whereas traditional implants have a rate of about 2% in the anterior lower jaw.
  3. The implant is not fully submerged during a narrow implant procedure. Because of this surgeons are placing implants where the bone cannot be seen.  This is a more risky procedure and should only be performed by the most experienced Dental Implant Surgeon.  They are not the simple solution they are presented as to inexperienced dentists.
  4. Mini implants are generally less costly initially. However, it is only when implants fail that the issue of overall long term cost effectiveness is a real consideration.
    Any failure and subsequent treatment, replacement or repair is expensive in both time and treatment costs and best avoided.  Indeed any initial savings will quickly disappear.
    Traditional implants offer excellent long term outcomes and in reality are not much more expensive MDIs but can offer a far longer functional life, and in the final wash up offer excellent value for money.
  5. Mini implants are a single piece and do not contain a screw. This limits the restorative options available with traditional dental implants
It is not simple or inexpensive to replace working parts and substantial revision treatment is generally required should there be issues.

In our view traditional implants can be used for a variety of treatment solutions over a patient’s life, as the implant rarely needs replacement and can be used in different treatments.

Is a mini dental implant surgery right for me?  Only a consultation and review can provide the answer.  By weighing up all of the pros and cons as they relate to your own particular circumstances you will get the best solution.

As always if you are considering surgical dental implants a dental implant surgeon will be able to guide you on the right dental implant for your needs.  You will be advised dental implant options and the right dental implant device for your needs.

If you are looking for dental implants in Sydney please call Southside Implant Centre on 9525 7725, Click to enquire on Dental Implant Costs here or view our completed Dental Implant galley.

Being fully informed makes you fully empowered to make the right decision.

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