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Overseas Dental Implants - a good idea?

Australia is a first world country with first world medical and hygiene standards and first world trained medical and dental surgeons.

Not only are our dental surgeons highly trained but they also are peer monitored and licensed by competent licensing bodies and their training does not stop when they leave their tertiary education.

If you are considering foreign dental implantation you need to consider whether the dollars you might save on the foreign dental implant offsets the possibilities of:

  1. A poor result

          Where do you go for follow up treatment or rectification work if the original dentist is overseas?

          The cost of rectification, replacement or other treatment will probably far outweigh any initial savings        made by using an overseas dental implant surgeon, and

  2. The possible impact on your general health and well-being that can arise from your dental implant being supplied in an inferior facility.

  3. The need to replace the dental implant at an early time because the actual implant does not match Australian quality standards.
Yes the cost of the dental implant treatment overseas can be extremely low, but if you are considering a dental implant abroad there are some additional matters for you to ask yourself:
  1. Why is the cost so low?
    Many overseas dental surgeons use inferior techniques and old technology and untrained support staff.  Quite simply they often cut corners.  All of this offers little confidence in the long-term outlook for your dental implant and your personal well-being.

  2. How are the qualifications and the performance of the dental surgeon monitored?
    In many instances it is important to say not particularly well.  Many overseas dentists simply don’t have the necessary level of qualifications to practice dental implant surgery. Indeed there are instances where people practising dental implant restoration are not qualified at all.

    Sometimes these dentists may have had their licences revoked in another first world country for malpractice.  In Australia you can check your dental implant surgeon’s background, it may be difficult or impossible to do overseas.  This is where the cost of rectification or replacement dental implants becomes very relevant to your consideration.

  3. Can I be guaranteed a sterile and infection free environment?
    Because of all the reasons listed above the answer is generally a resounding no.  In Australia all sterilisation techniques and regimes are monitored by a regulatory body, this isn’t necessarily the case in many overseas countries.  This presents a serious risk of cross-contamination and subsequent infections.
Before committing to an overseas dental implant treatment or indeed any overseas medical treatment ask yourself, are the potential lower costs worth it?

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Being fully informed makes you fully empowered to make the right decision.

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