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How do I know if a dental implant is right for me?

The first step is to choose a dental implant surgeon in whom you have confidence not only to conduct the dental implant surgery in a more then competent manner but who will also advise you if a dental implant is right for you and your dental health needs.

The next step is to schedule a consultation with your chosen dental implant surgeon to have your overall dental and oral health evaluated and if applicable decide the most appropriate dental implant and dental implant procedure for your individual needs.

For the majority of patients a dental implant is an excellent choice. Dental implants have longevity and functionality as well as a cosmetic appearance that you cannot get from other more traditional solutions for missing or damaged teeth.

Dental implants:
  • Are comfortable,
  • Are natural looking,
  • Preserve bone tissue and structure,
  • Function like natural teeth,
  • Allow you to eat normally, and
Other factors you need to consider with your dental implant surgeon when discussing dental implant surgery include:
  1. Existing dental work as implants can reinforce or replace existing dental work such as bridges or dentures.
  2. Bone loss if you have had missing teeth for a longer period a degree of bone loss is likely to have occurred and bone grafting may be required for a successful dental implant procedure.
  3. Your medical history, this is not usually an issue but your dental implant surgeon needs to be fully aware prior to commencing any procedures.  As a rule of thumb if you can have general dental work performed dental implant surgery can be performed.
  4. Gum disease if you have moderate to severe gum disease treatment may be required prior to dental implant placement.
  5. Smoking - if you are a smoker it can affect the success of your dental implant treatment not to mention your overall dental health.
Always ask a dental implant surgeon about their training, experience with the relevant procedures and look at examples of their work.

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Being fully informed makes you fully empowered to make the right decision.

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