Technical Partners of Southside Dental Implants


Nobel Biocare’s Industrial production process for CAD/CAM manufacture offers precise and reliable products with superior quality and fit. The superior manufacturing process and quality control guarantees products with long term clinical performance and patient satisfaction. This ensures your implant restorations meet the needs of modern life.


NobelClinician is Nobel Biocare’s user friendly solution for diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication. It is now possible to use CT data to view detailed internal anatomical structures, like how much bone is present before implant treatment commences.This allows accurate planning of implant treatment before surgery and gives a more predictable outcome. The 3-d modelling gives the patient a clearer understanding of the treatment and is available to all patients undergoing implant treatment at Southside Implant

Dental Laboratories

Southside Implant Centre sources different implant prosthetics from local Sydney Lab companies depending upon the needs of the patient. We believe in excellent communication and so support local laboratories with technicians that pride themselves on quality and first class materials and construction techniques.